Air Scrubbing Guide

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How to Determine How Many Negative Air Machines for a Certain Size Room or Building.

CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) a measurement of air flow.

1. Figure out the total square footage of the home, times the height of the ceiling to get the total cubic footage of the home or building. ( L * W * H ) Example: A 2,500 sq. ft home with a 10 foot ceiling will have a total cubic foot measurement of 25,000 cubic feet.

2. Take the total cubic foot measurement of the home and divide it by the c.f.m. ability of the Neg-Air machine. Example: 25,000 cubic home divided by a 2,000 c.f.m. Neg-Air = 12.5. It will take 1 (one)  2,000 c.f.m. Neg-Air machine 12.5 minutes to  change the air in the area 1 time.

* It is the Industry Standard to change the air in a room 6 times per hour !

3. Divide 60 minutes (1 hour) by the 12.5 minutes it takes to change the air in a room 1 time. Example: 60/12.5 = 4.8. This is the number of times this 2000 c.f.m. Neg-Air machine will change the air in this size building in one hour. In this case more c.f.m. will be needed to meet the standard of 6 times per hour.


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