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Benefect® Natural Hand Sanitizer

Kills over 99.99% of common germs including

MRSA, Staph, E. coli and Salmonella in 15 seconds!

Benefect Your Hands!

Safe & Non-Toxic Ingredients

No Alcohol

Naturally Effective

Won’t Dry Out Hands

Benefect’s active ingredient is our proprietary, fast-acting, broad-spectrum antimicrobial created from a patented blend of natural thyme.

In an emergency situation, it can be difficult to find running water. Clean your hands on the go, with Benefect Natural Hand Sanitizer! 

Ideal for everyday use at home, on the job site, or in the truck for a quick and easy clean up. 

4x more uses per oz than alcohol gels!

Skin Safe

Benefect Natural Hand Sanitizer contains no alcohol so it keeps the skin’s natural balance intact while killing germs. 

You can use it all day long and it won’t sting or irritate small cuts you may already have on your hands.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers disrupt the skin’s moisture balance and dry out the skin by stripping away its natural oils. This is one of the reasons skin can become irritated, dry and cracked (which can actually leave you more susceptible to infection).  

Alcohol is also flammable and poisonous if ingested making it unsafe in schools and child care facilities. The ingredients in Benefect Natural Hand Sanitizer are all natural and non-toxic if ingested, making safe enough for kids to use.

Benefect® Hand Sanitizer is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA.

Environmental Impact

  • Ingredients are from rapidly renewable resources that grow abundantly worldwide.
  • Ingredients Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA
  • Safe enough for kids & no ingestion risk
  • Sustainable products for today’s discerning customers including those with chemical sensitivities.

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