Bio Reveal Ultra Snap

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Bio Reveal Ultra Snap

The UltraSnap ATP swab is an integrated device using a unique liquid stable reagent and SNAP-VALVE technology to deliver unbeatable accuracy and reproducibility. Simple swab an area, snap, squeeze and read the results with the SystemSure Plus luminometer in seconds.

  • Dimensions (Approx.): 6.625L x 0.325DIA
  • Patented SNAP-VALVE technology
  • Built-in Liquid-Stable Reagent
  • Self-Contained and Aseptic
  • Robust and Temperature Tolerant
  • 12 Month Shelf Life (Ideal Conditions)
  • For Collection of Surface and Liquid Samples
  • Accuracy: +/- 5% Variance
  • Simple and Convenient
  • Multifunctional

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