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Designed to remove cellulosic browning from both carpet and upholstery

Results from intensive laboratory research

Browning has been a problem within the industry for many years and the Chemspec R & D team has developed this specific product to handle this problem

Removes or reduces browning due to overwetting and bleed through of jute back

When a jute backed carpet becomes overwet, jute vegetable dyes combine with the excess moisture and travel up through the carpet fibers during drying and cause a “brownish” stain. Browning Treatment will safely and effectively remove this or reduce this discoloration

Also reduces intensity of brown/yellow pet urine stains due to color loss

An application of Browning Treatment will reduce the intensity of aniaml stains making them less obvious or in some cases, remove them entirely.

Effective on upholstery as well as carpet

Can be used safely on upholstery as well! If overwet, the padding or stuffing under the upholstery fabric can discolor the face fabric 


  • Do not dilute. Pretest the carpet or fabric in an inconspicuous area.
  • Apply Browning Treatment using a quality sprayer. DO NOT MIST. Apply uniformly to the affected area.
  • Brush in with a pile brush or rake (if using on carpet.)
  • Allow Browning Treatment to work until browning is reduced or has disappeared.
  • Extract with portable or truck mount vacuum system while applying a fine mist of neutral detergent.

Helpful Hints:

Any odor associated with Browning Treatment dissipates rapidly. If immediate deodorization is required, add 56 mls (2 ounces) of Kill Odor Plus to each 4 liters of solution.

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