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NEW Chemspec DFC

Detergent Free Cleaning

Leave Nothing Behind But The Carpet

New Cleaning Science for Warm or Hot Water!

DFC 105 is a unique chemistry that cleans without detergents. Detergent Free Cleaning simplifies carpet maintenance, reduces carpet resoiling and is safe. DFC 105 may be used as a prespray, in Low Moisture Cleaning and all portable, self-contained and truckmount extraction equipment.

An important part of protecting your investment in your carpet is to regularly remove soils and other contaminants that do not readily vacuum from your carpets.

Indoor air quality can be improved by deep cleaning and rinsing carpets.

Our Detergent Free Cleaners penetrate, loosen and allow for thorough deep cleaning and removal of accumulated soils are very effective for interim institutional and commercial care programs.

While many industrial and commercial carpet detergent solutions clean well, they contain ingredients that can affect indoor air quality and leave detergent residues in the carpet. Many individuals are concerned about exposure to chemicals contained in detergents. Many commercial and household carpet detergents contain ingredients that have not proven to biodegrade ever.

Chemspec understands these issues and is very pleased to introduce Detergent Free Cleaning. DFC cleaning products do not contain ingredients commonly found in detergent formulations. We have found a way to clean very effectively using only natural ingredients commonly consumed. Chempsec DFC cleaners only contain ingredients listed as Generally Considered Safe for Consumption by the Food and Drug Administration and do not contain: petrochemicals, carcinogens, perfumes, surfactants, Phosphates, NTA, EDTA, Alkali builders, acidic or VOC’s.

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