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A powdered enzyme carpet prespray incorporating proteolytic enzymes specifically formulated for the removal of the toughest protein greases, oils and soils typically found in food service, hospitality, healthcare and the home.

For use on all protein spots and stains

Effectively removes blood, vomit, grass and food stains from carpeted areas. Spray onto the carpet, work in with a brush and extract. Enz All has also proven very effective in the removal of urine and feces stains.

Cuts through food, grease and oils fast

With a pH of 11.5 – 12.5, Enz All has all the muscle power you need to cut through difficult food grease problems – even the ones that defy high-pressure extraction. When used as a prespray, Enz All will break down the thickest, caked on kitchen grease or the thinnest body oils with ease.

Great results on olefin carpets

With Enz All, there is no need to buy another product for cleaning olefin carpets. This one prespray will do all types of carpets that contain high amounts of oil – even olefin carpets that have a reputation for attracting oily type soils. 

How to use

Mix 56 – 84 gms (2 – 3 ounces) of Enz All per 4 liters of water. Mix with the hottest tap water that you can get. Spray evenly on the carpet, brush in and allow 2 – 5 minutes of dwell time. Extract using Liquid or Powder Formula 90 and you will be amazed at the results 

Doubles as a spotter

To use as a spotter, mix 28 gms (1 ounce) of Enz All in a 1 liter bottle. Enz All even works at room temperature and will deliver superior performance on all food related stains 

Long shelf life

Enz All has indefinite shelf life when undiluted. Once diluted, Enz All is effective for 12 – 24 hours. For the best action and quickest emulsification, always mix fresh.

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