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Specially designed to safely and effectively clean and condition smooth pigmented leather upholstery.

Specifically formulated for leather’s unique needs

This advanced formulation will safely clean all pigmented leather. It will remove soil that is found not only on the surface but also in the grain of the leather. With gentle agitation, you will also be able to remove most pen and ink marks as well as other spots.

Replenishes and prolongs leather’s natural beauty

As leather ages, it may lose some of the natural oils. Leather Cleaner and Conditioner will replace these lost oils and help restore the natural beauty of the leather. It may be applied on a regular basis to help keep leather at its finest. 

A profitable advancement

Leather now represents between 15% -20% of all furniture sales. This growing interest in leather means that there is more of it out there that needs to be cleaned. 

Easy to use

  • Carefully inspect the leather for rips, tears, marks, lost finish or buttons. Inspection is a very important aspect of leather cleaning.
  • Apply Leather Cleaner to a clean white cloth and gently wipe on and agitate the entire piece.
  • Where there are marks or spots, use a very soft brush and gently agitate.
  • Take another white cloth and remove the excess material.
  • If a sheen is desired, wait and few minutes and buff” the leather – just as you might do with a pair of shoes.

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