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Specially formulated to effectively remove grease, tar, ink, glue, gum, adhesive, oil and other stubborn spots.

Unlike other liquid solvents Liqua Gel will not penetrate the carpet backing and cause delamination

Liqua Gel is a liquid that turns into a gel on contact. The special gelling capability keeps Liqua Gel from being absorbed through the carpeting and delaminating carpet backings.

Increases productivity

With traditional liquid solvents it is a long drawn out process of blotting to insure that you have removed all of the solvent soluble spots. Not with Liqua Gel…. There’s no need to go through the tedious blot blot blot procedure. Just follow the simple time saving steps below. 


  • Pre test in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness.
  • Agitate with a rigid spotting spatula to remove any excess build up.
  • Apply Liqua Gel to the spot and give it time to work (5 – 10 minutes).
  • After the time period, remove excess material with a spatula.
  • Rinse any remaining residue out with Chemspec Professional Spot Lifter

Tested in accordance with New Zealand Wool Board performance criteria

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