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All the cleaning power of Powdered Formula 90 in a liquid. Liquid Formula 90 was developed to meet all of today’s challenges. Provides you with the cleaning punch you have been looking for, yet is the least residual detergent on the market. Liquid Formula 90 cleans the same in use, phosphate free and has a lower pH in use than our leading powder. ABSOLUTELY the lowest cost in use detergent in the world.

Most economical cost use on the market today

The highest dilution rate of any well know carpet detergent on the market today. For normal cleaning solutions use Liquid Formula 90 diluted 320:1 (2 ounces / 5 gallons of water),(56mls / 18.9 liters); for stain resistant carpet dilute 960:1 (2 ounces / 15 gallons of water), (56mls / 57 liters). Just think how many square feet you can clean with 4 liters of solution. 

Increased productivity saves you money

Liquid Formula 90 is a clear colored viscous liquid that is instantly soluble in water. Just mix and use. Packed full of active ingredients to provide you with the cleaning result you are looking for at the cost effectiveness we all look for today. When diluted according to directions, absolutely, the lowest cost detergent you can find. 

Highly buffered

Liquid Formula 90 is highly buffered so that no matter what dilution rate you use it at, you will not sacrifice cleaning results.

For use in all extraction equipment

Liquid Formula 90 is safe for use in truck mounts, portables, self-contained units and walk behinds. Liquid Formula 90 also contains special corrosion inhibitors to protect your equipment as well as chelating agents to soften your water.

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