Dri-Eaz Turbochannel

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Dri-Eaz Turbochannel

Finally— the solution for hard to dry areas!

Areas like sill plates, bay windows, and cabinet kickplates are usually the last to dry. You don’t need more equipment to dry these stubborn areas—you need more air velocity. Now you can increase the air velocity of your Dri-Eaz TurboDryers with an exciting new accessory called the TurboChannel. This new product concentrates airflow to hard-to-dry areas by increasing air velocity 40-50% up to 10-25 feet from the TurboDryer.

Adding TurboChannels to your drying system will help dry stubborn areas at the same rate as the rest of the structure—that can reduce your overall drying time.

  • Increases airflow velocity to hard-to-dry areas by 40-50%
  • Channels high velocity air where you need it most to dry faster
  • Significantly quiets airmover operation—a real bonus for residential jobs
  • Easy to use, light weight, durable water resistant fabric

See the results — the TurboChannel sustains the full air velocity from the snout for up to 10 feet!


Model: F327
Dimensions: 20” x 55” / 51 cm x 140 cm
RipStop Fabric: Water Resistant Urethane Coated
Air Velocity: 2200 FPM at 10”
Strap Attachments: Heavy duty Nylon Straps with Heavyweight Buckles
Inflation: Patented Air Intake System
Weight: 16 oz/ 0.45 kg.

It also comes in packages of 12                


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