Dri-Eaz Velo™

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Powerful airmover delivers restoration-grade air movement in a highly portable package

High performance air movement in a small package? They said it couldn’t be done! But the new Velo delivers just that, and more: high velocity air movement, low amp draw and amazing portability. Dri-Eaz combined these features with easy cleaning, versatile application and legendary U.S.-made quality to make one of the most effective Dri-Eaz airmovers has ever built.

Product Features
  • Engineered airflow. Patent pending outlet design ensures even, broad-path airflow for fast, consistent drying across all surfaces.

  • Multiple operating positions. Dry floors, ceilings, walls and stairways quickly and efficiently.

  • Low profile. Half the height of snail shell dryers and 25% shorter than competitive models. Stackable for compact storage – save space on the truck.

  • Easiest to maintain. Simply remove fasteners and lift out impeller assembly for cleaning.

  • Great portability. Easily carry two units at once – or stack up to six on a handtruck. No more awkward lifting, no more banging up hallways and doors.

  • Low amp draw. Only 1.9 amps.

  • Daisy-chain with GFCI outlet. Use up to 6 units per 15 amp circuit for a whopping 5400 CFM of tested – not rated – airflow.

  • Durable. Rugged rotomolded housing with new easy-carry handle – laboratory-tested to lift four times the weight of the unit 5000 times without failure!


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