General Tool MM1E

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General Tool MM1E

This dual-range unit is perfect for checking moisture in carpets and sub-floors; analyzing wood, concrete or drywall before painting or wallpapering; or locating leaks in roofs, floors or walls. The MM1E measures moisture in two ranges (7 to 15% WME and 16″to 35% WME) on its easy-to-read bar graph with an accuracy of +/-1%. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a conscientious home owner, Generals ultra-sensitive Moisture Meters help you to easily detect hidden leaks in wood, concrete, plaster and carpet. Available as both analog and digital models, the Meters provide accurate moisture level readings and are great for new home inspections, locating roof leaks or even selecting dry lumber at the yard.

Features & Benefits :
  • 10-LED display
  • Two measurement ranges:7 to 15% and 16 to 35%
  • Protective cap doubles as calibration checker
  • Full and low battery indications
  • CE and RoHS approved
  • 10-LED display
Specifications :
  • Low Measurement Range: 7 to 15% WME(Wood Moisture Equivalent)
  • High Measurement Range: 16 to 35% WME Measurement Accuracy: 1 LED (~1%)
  • Calibration Check Point: 21% 1%
  • Low Battery Level: <7.5V
  • Current Consumption: <15mA
  • Operating Temperature:32 to 140F (0 to 60C)
  • Storage Temperature:23 to 140F (-5 to 60C)
  • Dimensions:6.5 x 2.7 x 1 in. (164 x 69 x 26mm)
  • Weight: 3.2 oz. (91g) w/out battery
  • Power Source: 1 9V battery (included)
Includes :
  • Protective cap
  • Battery
  • Users manual


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