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The 250 MAX combines the latest in Phoenix technology with a lineage dating back to the original Phoenix 200. The Phoenix 200, the first dehumidifier to be described as an LGR (Low Grain Refrigerant) dehumidifier, revolutionized the restoration industry. Next Phoenix introduced the legendary 200 MAX, which has been a top seller for almost 2 decades, followed by the addition of the Phoenix 200 HT featuring excellent hightemperature performance. With the 250 MAX, Phoenix has now combined the best features of the 200 MAX and the 200 HT into one unit. The 250 MAX out performs its competitors at all temperature conditions without bypass or the need for any adjustment during operation on the jobsite. It also is one of our the most energy efficient units in terms of pints per kilowatt-hour, even beating the beloved 200 MAX.

  • Improved water removal 145 pints/day AHAM (80ºF, 60%) 31 gals/day maximum
  • Improved grain depression The driest air from an LGR
  • Multiple air filter options Standard 65% MERV-11, or 57% MERV-8
  • Multiple ducting options 12” intake, 10” layflat supply
  • Less than 8.2 amps Removes the most pints of water per kilowatt-hour
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Internal pump with 30 feet of hose
  • Five-year warranty on the sealed refrigeration system Xactimate




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