Phoenix Solution LGR Amplifier

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Phoenix Solution Performance Amplifier

A New Era in LGR Technology

The new Phoenix Solution LGR performance amplifier widens the effective operating range of LGR dehumidifiers, increases grain depression, and improves water removal rates up to 100 percent.

The Solution is a specially designed intercooler that pre-cools the incoming air stream to the LGR dehumidifier. This pre-cooling is the same process that provides LGR dehumidifiers with their leap in performance over conventional dehumidifiers. The Solution is designed to take advantage of outside, unaffected or air conditioned air to provide significant water removal in drying conditions up to 140°F. Therma-Stor testing has revealed an increase in water removal rates and faster drying times using the Solution by utilizing cold outside air.

The Phoenix Solution marks a new era in LGR dehumidifier performance. Since the pre-cooling function of the Solution actually removes BTUs from the drying area, it reduces the dependence on air conditioning and the need to sacrifice drying equipment to maintain your optimal drying conditions. The Solution enables significant dehumidification while taking advantage of ultra fast, high temperature drying rates. This high temperature dehumidification performance is an upgrade to heat-only drying equipment which is otherwise limited by high dewpoint conditions. When outside grain levels are high, the Solution allows dehumidification to enhance the drying process.

The Solution improves the grain depression of the dehumidified air. This increases the vapor pressure differential (the key to evaporation) up to 33% and accelerates the drying process. This improves drying times in all classes of water damage but is particularly beneficial in specialty drying applications, such as hardwood floors.

The Solution is designed to nest into the top of the Phoenix HT and 200 Max and is constructed of the same quality materials. The increased operating efficiency of the dehumidifier provided by the Solution is often equal to the 1.6 amp power requirement of the unit. The Solution is easy to carry and stacks for transportation and storage.

The Phoenix Solution is easy to set-up. Simply remove the top and filter from the Phoenix 200 Max or HT, install the dehumidifier bracket, set the Solution into the top opening of the dehumidifier and slide forward into the capture guides on the dehumidifier bracket. Then, duct the inlet air of the Solution to either an outside, unaffected or air conditioned source, and duct the outlet of the Solution back to the same source.

Phoenix Solution Specifications

Part No.: 4026600
Power: 1.6 amps, 110-120 VAC, Grounded
Blower: 230 CFM (Secondary Air Stream)
Ducting:     Primary Air Stream, Inlet: 12″ Flex-Duct; Outlet: NA, Secondary Air Stream Inlet: 8″ Flex-Duct; Outlet: 10″ Lay-Flat

Problems Solved by the Phoenix Solution:
  • Widens the temperature range for LGR performance up to 140°F
  • Increases water removal rates up to 100%
  • Increases grain depression up to 33% for faster drying of more materials
  • Removes BTUs from the affected areas
  • Achieves optimal drying conditions in structures with insufficient or without air conditioning
  • Drives the grains/lb. in the drying area from the mid 30’s to the low 20’s
  • Enhances the performance of heat based systems when outside grains/lb. or indoor temperatures are high by allowing dehumidification

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