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RamAir – the ClearView Duct Cleaning System

A new revolution in duct cleaning that lets the customer see all the dust and dirt being collected.  And that’s dust and dirt that won’t be blown out of the heating ducts onto their freshly cleaned carpets, accumulating on countertops, and being sucked into their lungs as they breathe.

The patented RamAir system is more effective, more reliable, much faster, gentler on duct work, and less expensive than the rotary brush systems.

The RamAir system can pay for itself completely in only 3 average sized jobs!

Whether you are starting up a new duct cleaning business, adding duct cleaning to your already existing carpet cleaning business, or upgrading your current system, the revolutionary RamAir system is the most effective and cost efficient duct cleaning solution on the market.

This comprehensive training module is designed to bring your new duct cleaning business up to speed as quickly as possible through the use of multi-media training materials to ensure that you are a true duct cleaning pro.

Also included are electronic marketing materials including postcards, a brochure, and a marketing video, that will allow you to effectively market your new duct cleaning business.

Items necessary for operation of the Ram Air:

  • Vacuum Source – Portable extractor, shop vac, truck mounted extractor
  • Portable Air Compressor – 120 psi and higher models recommended.
  • (Available at most hardware stores.)


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