Removing Salt Stains

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Thoroughly pre-vacuum the carpet with a good upright HEPA vacuum, using a beater brush or bar to dislodge the dry particulates and residue.

Mix 4 oz. of Winter Rinse into 1 gallon of water and spray the carpet evenly using an electric or pump-up sprayer to neutralize and liquify the residues.

Agitate the diluted Winter Rinse into the carpet fibre with a carpet grooming rake or cylindrical brush cleaning system. Allow 10—15 minutes of dwell time to loosen and liquify the residue.

Mix Liquid Steam Emulsifier (or any quality Emulsifier) as follows:

– For a portable extraction unit, mix 2 oz. into 5 gallons of water.

– For a truckmount unit, mix 32 oz. in the stock 5 gallon tank and fill with water.

To expedite the drying process, place Quality high velocity air movers in the cleaned area.

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