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Compact, comfortable and powerful, the

RSV 150 Hepa goes wherever you go,

making it the perfect cleaning solution

for tight and awkward cleaning.

Combined with our most advanced,

certified HEPA13 filtration, providing

high-efficiency filtration down to

0.3 microns at 99.97% efficiency.

The RSV150 Hepa provides optimum user-comfort and

performance while delivering exceptional productivity.

High Performance

Energy efficient 2250 hour motor (2x the motor life

of most units on the market) and backed by a

5 year warranty.

More suction, more airflow, more overall power for

faster cleaning and better results.

Quicker Cleaning

6 QT capacity and extra-long 50′ cord means less

stopping to unplug.

Ultimate User Comfort

Ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and with

height adjustable harness (no tools required), a

breathable mesh panel and handy onboard tool

storage for accessories and power control.

What Goes in, Stays in

HepaFlo Bags with innovative self-seal tab lock all the

dust in the bag, allowing for easy, clean and hygienic


Tool Choices

Clean carpets or hard-floors with one tool or switch

between traditional tools and high performance

sidewinder tools by simply swapping out a wand section.


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