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International Ozone Total Zone ozone generator models use corona discharge technology known as “SP-ARC” (Silicate Polarized Arc) to produce 6000-12000 mg per hour of ozone with an output of 400cfm. The system has a 12 hr timer and is thus capable of delivering 480,000 cubic feet exchange of room air in one timer setting. This new “SP-ARC” process allows the Total Zone ozone generators to produce much higher levels of ozone compared to other models with outdated high maintenance ozone plates. All Total Zone Ozone generators are designed and built for very high ozone output and utmost reliability for the harshest environments. This capacity far exceeds the needs of the average room, so care must be used in setting the timer appropriately to the size of the room. Because ozone is hazardous by inhalation, this equipment is only to be used in un-occupied areas under the direction of specially trained individuals.

Total Zone TZ-4 is a light weight portable high strength ozone generator. TZ-4 Produces1,500- 6,000mg/hr of Ozone output designed to treat up to 24000sq/ft.

Total Zone TZ-8 is the strongest light weight portable high strength ozone generator. TZ-8 Produces 3,000-12,000gr/hr of Ozone output designed to treat up to 48000sq/ft.


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