Unsmoke Thermo-Gen

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Unsmoke Prorestore Thermo-Gen



Odor damaged materials and items may be profitably restored to their original condition. The Thermo-Gen® works incredibly fast, up to 1 million cubic feet may be treated in an hour. Occupants can often return to a fresh, clean, mal-odor free atmosphere within minutes of treatment, reducing loss of rents or additional living expenses. A thermal fogger is an absolute necessity for complete neutralization of smoke and other odors. Produces a true dry fog at a particle size of .25 to 50 microns. Small particle size allows complete penetration of contaminated surfaces as well as reduction of airborne odor particles. The fog produced by the Thermo-Gen® follows the same path as smoke and odors, reaching into cracks, crevices and voids. Durable stainless steel construction. Fogs solvent or water based solutions. The Thermo-Gen® can fog 0-14 gallons of water or oil-based counteractant, such as Thermo-55®, or Thermo-2000® per hour. Gasoline powered. Removable formulation tank, which holds 68 ounces of fuel or enough for 1.25 hours of use. Comes with spare parts, filtered funnel, fuel pitcher, operation manual and a maintenance and operation video. This improved unit incorporates a specially designed cut-off system for added safety.


Weight empty: 15 pounds – 7 kilogram
Capacity of solution tank: 169 ounces – 9 liter
Capacity of fuel tank: 68 ounces – 2 liter
Volume of combustion chamber of engine: 10 ounces – 0.3 liter
Gross performance of engine: 24 horsepower
Average fuel consumption: 136 ounces per hour
Flow rate (according to nozzle size used): 0 – 14 gallons per hour
Ignition: Electronic ignition coil fed by 4 dry batteries each 1.5 volts = 6 volts
Size: (length X width X height):41.7″ X 11.4″ X 13″

Technical features:

• Stainless steel construction 

• Interchangeable orifices 

• Non-pressurized fuel system 

• Detachable solution tank Quick-start-system through direct fuel injection 

• Double cold fog pipe 

• Power is continuously adjustable Transparent solution & fuel tanks with liter scale 

• Pulse-jet engine operates without movable parts New safety cut-off valve


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