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Vaportek’s exclusive BIO-C family of water-based concentrates quickly, safely and economically destroy organic odours at their source.

These concentrates help prevent waste buildup in pipes, and eliminate imbedded organic stains in and around bathroom tile. BIO-C products are safe for all types of pipes and drains because they contain no sediments, caustic chemicals, petroleum solvents or ozone-depleting chemicals.

Featuring unique formulas that contain millions of safe bacteria cultures and Vaportek’s special non-toxic odour neutralizer, BIO-C offers unmatched performance in controlling odours and breaking down organic waste. It actively accelerates the natural breakdown of organic matter by using a powerful blend of bacteria and a stabilized blend of lipase, cellulase, protease and amylase enzymes. It may be used in most industrial odour control environments, and is especially effective in treating grease traps in restaurants, garbage dumpsites in apartment complexes, drains and septic systems.

Suggested applications:  drain treatment, grease trap treatment, refuse receptacles, truck dock areas, hard surface cleaning, drip systems, bathroom tiles and fixtures, septic systems, carpet stains (BIO-C GP), portable toilets (BIO-C professional strength).

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