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Trauma or Crime Scene Cleanup

Controlling Odours from Body Fluids, including blood, urine, feces, spinal & cerebral fluids

If affected area is less than 20,000 cubic feet, set up a Vaportek Restorator with one of the following cartridges, 3X Industrial, S.O.S. or Classic Neutral.

If affected area is between 20,000 and 50,000 cubic feet, set up a Vaportek Vaporshark with either 3X Industrial or S.O.S membranes. 1 or 2 Lemon membranes may be used with the 3X Industrial membranes.

Physically remove all the bulk organic matter from surfaces
Clean all hard surfaces (walls, floors, countertops, tiles, etc) with Benefect Atomic Degreaser. Dilution will vary from 120ml to 480 ml (4-16 oz) of Atomic per gallon of water. Apply Atomic to affected area, allowing a dwell time (at least 1 minute) prior to rinsing or wiping to decrease the need for scrubbing or physical agitation.

Vaportek ECOZ liquid deodorizer can be added to Benefect Atomic for additional odour control, 1-4 oz (30-120ml) of ECOZ per gallon of Atomic. Match ECOZ fragrance to the Cartridge or Membrane for maximum deodorization.

If physical removal of affected material is not possible then clean all areas of restricted access (areas between subfloor and tile or hardwood, under sill-plates, cabinetry, hot water tanks, furnaces, etc) with Vaportek Bio-c enzyme digester. Dilute between 12-32 oz (360-960ml) of Bio-c per gallon of water. Saturate affected area with diluted solution, cover with plastic or poly sheeting if possible and let sit for 24- 48 hrs. May require multiple applications as the treated area must stay damp for the duration of the treatment for bacteria to produce the digestive enzymes.

After cleaning is complete, spray all affected areas with a Hydrogen peroxide indicator. If “bubbling” occurs, then organic matter is still present. Repeat steps 4 or 6, until “bubbling” no longer occurs.

Spray Benefect Disinfectant onto clean areas and let sit for 10 minutes to ensure dwell time. No rinsing or wiping is required, Just Spray and Walk Away Benefect Disinfectant Wipes may also be used for this step.

Continue to run Vaportek Restorators or VaporSHARK until malodours are gone.

For Residual odour control place a Heavy Duty Stand Alone Cartridge or EZ twist disc and Holders in HVAC System

Green Tip: Use Benefect Atomic Cleaner and Degreaser to get rid of blood and body fluids on floors, walls and contents


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