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For over a decade, Vaportek odour neutralizing products have relied on natural ingredients to eliminate odours instead of masking with artificial cover-ups. ECOZ non-toxic odour neutralizing liquids are compatible with other cleaning solutions, and contain no quats, known carcinogens or other known hazardous ingredients. Safety information is available.

This product is safe on most water-safe fabrics. It is biodegradable, nontoxic, alcohol/CFC/ODC free, non-staining, non-corrosive, versatile and economical. 

One ounce per 32 ounces is recommended for normal spraying.

Suggested applications: hospitals, nursing homes, meeting areas, hotel rooms, carpet/rug shampoos, floor rinsing solutions, toilet and urinal cleaning, portable toilets, kennels, trash receptacles, restroom floors, trigger sprayers and foggers, pressure washers, mop bucket rinse, water holding tanks, laundry.

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