Vaportek EZ-Twist

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The EZ-Twist is “simply” an adjustable odour neutralizer for small areas where quick, safe and long lasting deodorization is desired. Designed for spaces up to 2,000 cu ft. (60 cubic meters), the EZ-Twist dispenses a natural, deodorizing dry vapour through the use of unique, replaceable element technology. This unit requires no electricity or batteries. By rotating the cover, output can be precisely adjusted to meet user needs or to prolong product life.

EZ-Disk fragrance elements provide long-lasting deodorization – 30 days or more! The compact, durable housing is refillable for extended life.

Spill-proof, non-toxic and bio-degradable, the EZ-Twist system’s fragrance elements are superior to messy gels, cans and bulky sprays.

Suggested applications:  vehicles, mobile homes, trailers, restrooms, hotel rooms, utility closets, garbage areas, litter boxes, pet areas and all areas where unwanted odours are present.

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