Vaportek Mould Abatement

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Mould Abatement – Controlling Odours from mould, mildew yeasts or fungal spores.

Affected area under 20,000 cu. ft., use Restorator with 3X Industrial Cartridge

Affected area between 20,000 – 50,000 cu. ft. use a Vaporshark with 3X membranes

Areas above 50,000 cubic feet, use Portable industrial unit with 3X membranes or Lemon Membranes

ECOZ Neutral added to wash water

SCS Disks or Sugar Cubes placed in discharge of Air Scrubbers or Negative air units

Heavy Duty Stand Alone Cartridge can be placed into HVAC system or in front of discharge of negative air machines and air scrubbers

EZ Twist Disks and Holders in cold air return or placed in high traffic areas for residual freshness

When wiping down containment chambers and your equipment why not use a product that is biodegradable. Benefect has created a wood fibre wipe that is economical and environmentally responsible. 


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