Vaportek Optimum 4000

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The Optimum 4000 is a versitile dry vapor dispensing system which eliminates malodours quickly and safely, using a simple, spill-proof, replaceable air treatment cartridge. Originally developed for use in cancer wards, The Optimum 4000 is now used in medical clinics, hotels and disaster restoration businesses worldwide.

The dry vapour broadcast by the Optimum 4000 is carried by normal air convection throughout the treatment areas quickly and will permanently eliminate imbedded odours in any porous surface (clothing, ceiling tiles, carpets and drapes).

Vaportek’s liquid compounds are made up of formulations containing natural essential oils and resins.

Vaportek products contain no added petroleum distillates and no ozone-depleting chemicals.

A convenient control switch allows you to precisely control output with 10 settings, treating open spaces up to 20,000 cubic feet (590 cubic meters) (a room 45’x 45’x 10′) (14m x 14m x 3m). 

The Optimum 4000 neutralizes malodours instead of masking them with an over-powering fragrance. The standard output cartridge is easily replaced and will remain effective for up to 3 months.

Suggested applications:  medical centers, veterinarian offices, schools, hotels, theatres, smoking areas, athletic clubs, disaster restoration and all areas where unwanted odours are present.


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