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Pet Odours

Controlling Odours from dead or decomposing animals, skunk spray, pigeon or bat feces, urine

1 – Spray ECOZ Neutral or Benefect Disinfectant on area for dust suppression

2 – Affected area under 20,000 cu. ft. use Restorator with 3X Industrial Cartridge

3 – Affected area between 20,000–50,000 cu. ft. use a Vaporshark with 3X membranes

4 – Remove bulk material and physically clean areas with Benefect Atomic Cleaner and Degreaser – Add ECOZ Neutral to wash water

5 – Bio-C to digest any remaining organic matter in subfloors, joists & walls.

6 – ECOZ Neutral as a final spray or fog

7 – Heavy Duty Stand Alone Cartridge placed in HVAC System

8 – EZ Twist Disks & Holders in cold air return or placed in high traffic areas for residual freshness

For small residential applications where small areas of carpets or furniture has been affected by urine, feces, vomit, blood or other fluids.

1 – Spray area with Benefect Disinfectant to control bacterial growth on ammonia salts

2 – Recent contamination should be cleaned with Benefect Atomic – Add ECOZ to wash water

3 – If possible clean carpet or rug underpad and floor

4 – Apply diluted Bio-C or Ready-to-Use Contact N to affected area and allow time to dwell

5 – Clean affected area with Benefect Impact Carpet Cleaner – Add ECOZ to Impact solution

6 – Reapply ECOZ to area or strategically place EZ Disk refills and holders to ensure a residual freshness

Green Tip:

When possible use the same fragrance that is in the Restorator or VaporSHARK to avoid fragrance confusion


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