Vaportek Portable Industrial Cabinet

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Vaportek Portable Industrial Cabinet

This portable unit uses Vaportek’s exclusive membrane technology to diffuse a dry vapor into the air to counter malodours.

The exclusive liquid used within the membrane is a scientifically formulated blend of liquids containing many natural oils and resins which counteract odours. If introduced into an area contaminated by smoke odour, for example, the vapor will penetrate all porous surfaces to eliminate residual malodours.

As the vapor is slightly heavier than air, improved performance will result if the unit is placed relatively high in the treatment area. The unit is designed to hold a maximum of 10 industrial membranes and will treat an area up to 200,000 cubic feet (5,900 cu. meters). The blower is rated at 54 CFM under free air conditions.

Suggested applications:  fire restoration, bingo halls, casinos, apartment buildings, waste transfer stations, etc.

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