Vaportek Restorator 115V

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Vaportek Restorator 115V

The Restorator is a simple-to-use, portable electric unit that quickly, safely, and effectively renews interior space. The Restorator uses Vaportek’s patented essential oil membranes to release a non-toxic odour neutralizing dry vapour into the air.

This penetrating vapour quickly controls and eliminates malodour from smoke, food, and biological waste. Based on proven technology used in fire restoration, the Restorator sets a new standard in interior space renovation.

Safer than ozone or chemical fogging, and unlike ozone, the Restorator will not harm fabric, rubber, adhesives or remove pigment from leather. Moisture will not be introduced into the treatment area, eliminating possible risk of damage. No recovery period is required after treatment.

Tested and proven at auto detail shops, this unit is available in 12V (car adapter) and 110V models. The 37 CFM blower requires just 20 watts of power (110V version). (Comparable output blower requires just 3 watts of power in the 12V car adapter version.) 

This versatile air treatment device is intended for applications where quick results are desired, from small areas as in automobile interiors to large rooms up to 20,000 cubic feet (590 cubic meters). The vapour quickly penetrates all porous surfaces to neutralize imbedded odours such as smoke and food odours. The 12V model has a cigarette lighter adapter plug for use in cars, (it is not battery powered).

Suggested applications:  fire and flood damage restoration, contaminated lodging rooms, arenas, auto rental agencies, vehicle/RV/boat storage, detail shops, car washes, cleaning services, self storage warehouses, real estate services, crime scene services, meeting rooms, and all areas where unwanted odours are present.


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