Vaportek Stand Alone

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Vaportek Stand Alone


The Vaportek Heavy-Duty Cartridge is designed as a passive odour controller specifically for use in HVAC systems, including hig   h-velocity air cleaners, and for use in disaster restoration work.

The cartridge contains a patented membrane which releases a non-toxic odour controller into the air. The liquid odour-control compound contained inside the cartridge is a proprietary blend of natural oils that are safe, effective, and provide long-lasting neutralization without creating ozone or leaving any residue.

This cartridge may be located on the suction or pressure side of any air handling system. It provides immediate and powerful odour control in areas where most systems cannot. The dry vapour deodorizer permeates all porous surfaces it contacts. Odour-contaminated surfaces can be reclaimed using the Vaportek odour-control system to eliminate imbedded odours. It requires no expensive fogging apparatus or evacuation of treatment areas and no electricity. Unlike gel systems, the Vaportek liquid is a 100% active deodorizing compound.

Suggested applications:  healthcare facilities, offices, factories, hotels, homes, and all areas where unwanted odours are present.


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