Vaportek Vaporshark Industrial System

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Vaportek Vaporshark Industrial System

The VaporSHARK is designed to provide a simple, safe solution to tough odour problems in a broad spectrum of industries and situations. It does not use or create ozone, and can treat areas up to 50,000 cu. ft. (1,475 cubic meters). The VaporSHARK is designed to hold up to five VaporSHARK membranes. These sealed membranes contain a proprietary blend of natural oils that are safe, effective and provide long-lasting neutralization.

This system does not require evacuation of the treatment area during use and will not oxidate materials, damage fabrics, rubber or adhesives, nor affect electrical components.

The VaporSHARK can be used freestanding or permanently installed to air handling systems. It has a durable, weather-proof gray polymer housing, six foot grounded power cord, comfort handle for convenient transport, heavy-duty dual hasps with locking capability, and weighs less than 14 lbs. Optional wallmounting brackets are also available.

Suggested applications:  restoration projects, medical facilities, restaurants/bars, garbage collection areas, animal shelters/veterinary facilities, any area where powerful deodorization is required.

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