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Water Damage – Controlling Odours from Category I and II Water Damage:

1 – Affected area under 20,000 cu. ft. use Restorator with 3X Industrial Cartridge

2 – Affected area between 20,000 – 50,000 cu. ft. use a Vaporshark with 3X, S.O.S.or Lemon* membranes

3 – Areas above 50,000 cubic feet, use Portable industrial unit with 3X, S.O.S or Lemon* Membranes

4 – Add ECOZ Neutral or S.O.S. to wash water or as final spray

5 – Heavy Duty Stand Alone Cartridge placed in HVAC System or in front of air movers

6 – EZ Twist Disks & Holders in cold air return or placed in high traffic areas for residual freshness

7 – SCS Disks or Sugar Cubes placed in discharge of Dehumidifiers

*Lemon membranes must be used in conjunction with 3X or S.O.S. membranes for maximum effectiveness

Green Tip: 

Bring in Restorator during initial inspection to minimize psychological odour issues and start to immediate control the odours


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