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3X Industrial cartridges are used to neutralize organic based odours associated with damage from sewage, water, mould, trauma and body fluids. For use with the portable and effective Restorator dispensing system. When placed in the Restorator, the patented essential oil filled membranes release a non-toxic, odor-neutralizing dry vapour into the air to effectively treat up to 20,000 cubic feet. This pairing technology emits a penetrating vapour that quickly controls and eliminates organic based malodours from sewage, water, mould or body fluids trapped in the air, building structure and contents, so the odour does not return. The 3X Industrial cartridge is effective for 270 hours and is intended for applications where quick results are desired. No ozone, no PPE, no evacuation or recovery period is necessary with Vaportek technology.


  • 3X Industrial is specifically formulated for organic based odours associated with damage from; sewage, water, mould or trauma
  • Free Restorator with the purchase of 12 cartridges
  • Use immediately to combat psychological odours and throughout the job to neutralize odours in building structure and contents
  • Unit can operate with occupants in treatment area, safe for staff and clients, NO PPE required
  • Match with S.O.S. ECOZ liquids and S.O.S. EZ-Twist disks to maintain consistency of fragrance


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