Alpha Locks

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  • Rated six times stronger than commercial steel - it effectively stops thieves from moving the vehicle
  • Designed to work similar to the wheel locks used by law enforcement agencies
  • The Alpha Lock law enforcement model is currently used by law enforcement agencies throughout the country, including U. S. Customs, the Border Patrol, the Armed Forces and others
  • The cylinder lock has over 800,000 possible combinations and is extremely difficult for thieves to overcome (lock is pick and drill resistant and cannot be frozen with chemicals)
  • Multiple units can be ordered keyed-alike for single company convenience
  • It weighs just 8 lbs, so it's easily moved, stored and installed
  • It can be quickly moved from one vehicle to another, to meet each situation's unique needs
  • Suggested Uses For The Alpha Lock

For maximum security use multiple locks.

  • Ideal for towables such as air compressors, generators, welding units, light towers, arrow boards, or any other trailer-mounted equipment
  • Use on company trucks, whether parked at employee's homes, jobsites or company'yards
  • Works well on crew trucks, dump trucks, trailers, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders and other equipment (up to 33 x 12 tire size)
  • Place on "lock out - tag out" equipment or other equipment left parked in company yards
  • Ideal for isolated jobsites, especially where no other security is available, as well as high traffic areas
  • Strategically park trucks or other vehicles to block access to company gates, office trailers and storage containers. Just one attached Alpha Lock unit would control accessibility to these areas
  • Block access to larger, more expensive equipment by parking machines in a tight line, then putting an Alpha-Locked vehicle at each end, parked perpendicularly

"The Alpha Lock Vehicle Wheel Lock may well be the answer to the theft problem firms have had with all types of vehicles and equipment.

In nineteen years, this is the first product the Construction Industry's Crime Prevention Program of Southern California (CPP) has ever endorsed.and recommended. The reason is simple - it works! The Alpha Lock is extremely strong, lightweight, versatile, easy to use and completely secures most vehicles, including 18-Wheelers.

Within as little as five seconds, the Alpha Lock is installed directly onto the wheel/tire, immobilizing the wheel and making it impossible to move the vehicle. It is manufactured in the USA and delivery is usually within two weeks."

-- Diana M. Rummel, Executive Director, Crime Prevention Program


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