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Heavy duty carpet detergent for use in steam extraction equipment

High performance cleaning power

This primary carpet detergent reduces expensive time on the job by eliminating the need for pre-spotting. Formula 77 has been designed with the high performance cleaning power that allows you to clean faster and easier.

Protects your investment

Replacing machinery parts and making costly repairs cuts into profits. We have added 2 different kinds of corrosion inhibitors that protect all of your working metal parts and will make your equipment last longer 


When you are out cleaning, the last thing you need is foam in your recovery tank. We have added special defoaming agents that will work in your wand, hose and recovery tank.

Retards resoiling

Any remaining residue left behind will dry to a hard, crisp, brittle residue. This will tie up oily, soils and is easily vacuumed from the carpet. Resoiling is retarded since the crystallized residues do not remain in the carpet after the first vacuuming.

Chemspec Helpful Hints:

Fill your container ¼ full with hot water. While continuing to add the rest of the water, add the proper amount of Formula 77 and stir until mixture dissolves.

If there is residual foam from previous cleanings, apply Crystal Defoamer to the carpet to correct the problem

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