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Concrobium BSD Natural Action Disinfectant & Cleaner is a botanical, DIN-registered disinfectant, virucide* and fungicide made from a proprietary blend of plant extracts and essential oils.

This unique, botanical thyme and oregano oil based formula offers several advantages over existing solutions in the commercial and restoration cleaning market:

  • Safety – all natural, plant-based ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable; no ammonias, chlorines, or glutaraldehydes
  • Efficacy – 2 in 1 solution offers proven disinfection with high performance cleaning; naturally-derived surfactants accelerate surface coverage and enable removal of biofilm layers
  • Ease of use – ready-to-use, no dilution required; muted fragrance blend of citrus and essential oils will not irritate users or building occupants

Recommended Uses:

Gloves Off Natural Action Disinfectant & Cleaner can be used in homes, hospitals, schools, commercial and industrial buildings, nursing homes, gyms, food manufacturing and preparation facilities, garbage and refuse facilities…anywhere disinfection is required to protect health and safety.

Ideal for:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Sewer back-up
  • General cleaning and maintenance of kitchens, toilet facilities, pet areas, children’s items, waste bins, tools, machinery, storage areas, athletic gear, and many, many more.


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