Dri-Eaz Airwolf Air Mover

  • Ref: F228
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Dri Eaz AirWolf/WolfPack Hardwood Floor Drying System

Dry Hardwoods Fast!

The AirWolf uses an unbeatable combination of CFM and static pressure to literally force water out of damaged hardwood floors. The WolfPack system directs the high-velocity airflow of the AirWolf into the flutes between the flooring and the subfloor. This way the floor actually dries from the bottom out.

Avoid Refinishing Costs

The AirWolf/WolfPack can dry out a hardwood floor in as little as 3 days! By drying fast from beneath, the AirWolf/WolfPack system can help reduce or eliminate cupping and associated refinishing costs. This means no sanding! Now that's a valuable service to offer your customers.

  • The world's best hardwood floor drying system
  • Up to 800 CFM and 7.75" of static pressure
  • Powerful 1.0 hp motor
  • Stack the AirWolf for storage
  • Carrying case included for WolfPack

Model  F228
Height 17" / 43 cm
Width  11" / 53 cm
Depth  16" / 41 cm
Weight  35 lb / 16 kg
Motor  1.0 hp
Motor Speeds  1-speed
Max. CFM  (Free Air)  800
Max. CFM (Full Load)  450
Static Pressure (Free Air)  7.75" / 19.7 cm
Static Pressure (Full Load)  5" / 13 cm
Power (Free Air)  11.6 amps
Power (Full Load)  8.5 amps
Stackable  Yes
UL Listed  Yes


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