MICROMAX COVERALL (hoodie/zipper)

  • Ref: LAK428
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MicroMax NS is the newest member of the protective clothing family from Lakeland Industries. This line of general purpose protective clothing can be used in any non-hazardous environment where dirt, grime, splashes and spills are present. Very economical and lightweight.

It is tested for chemical protection against isocyanate, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), sodium hypochlorite, diazinon, motor oil, household bleach and blood. It features MVTR’s and is breathable for worker comfort. MicroMax is strong, wet or dry. It can be used for asbestos, lead, fiberglass, radioactive dust, paint mixing and spraying, agriculture, mold, blood, crime scenes, etc.

Available Sizes: LARGE, XL,2XL,3X,4X


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