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Thermo-2000 is a highly effective odor counteractant formulated for use in thermal foggers. Unlike other hermal fogging formulations which contain high levels of petroleum distillates (V.O.C.s) Thermo-2000® contains only food and cosmetic grade ingredients. Thermo-2000® is safe and effective. Thermo-2000® detoxifies contaminated environments without added unnecessary V.O.C.s. Thermo-2000® reduces the risk of accidents associated with thermal fogging. Thermo-2000® reduces eye and respiratory irritation. You will notice the difference immediately. Thermo-2000® reduces your liability to workers compensation and chemically related litigation. Thermo-2000® permits faster re-occupancy of treated spaces. Thermo-2000® is environmentally friendly. Patent pending!




-KBG (Kentucky Blue Grass)



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