Vaportek Sewage Remediation Info

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Sewage Remediation - Controlling Odours from Category III Water Damage.

1 - Affected area under 20,000 cu. ft. use Restorator with 3X Industrial Cartridge

2 - Affected area between 20,000 – 50,000 cu. ft. use a Vaporshark with 3X membranes

3 - Areas above 50,000 cubic feet, use Portable industrial unit with 3X, S.O.S or Lemon* Membranes

4 - Apply diluted Bio-C to digest organic matter in areas where physical removal is difficult

5 - Add ECOZ Neutral or S.O.S. to wash water or as final spray

6 - Heavy Duty Stand Alone Cartridge placed in HVAC System

7 - SCS Disks or Sugar Cubes placed in discharge of Dehumidifiers or air movers to aid in odour control

8 - EZ Twist Disks and Holders in cold air return or placed in high traffic areas for residual freshness

*Lemon membranes must be used in conjunction with 3X or S.O.S. membranes for maximum effectiveness

Green Tip:

1 - Place Restorator and VaporSHARK above should height for maximum benefit.

2 - Enzymes based cleaners, such as BIO-C require moisture and dwell times to digest all the organic matter so whenever possible cover treated areas with poly sheeting to ensure those areas do not dry out. 

3 - To prevent cross contamination in sewage losses from jobsite to jobsite, make sure that all equipment is cleaned and disinfected.  A biodegradable wipe from Benefect is registered with Health Canada and kills the germs you need to remove.


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