Vaportek Vaportonic

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Vaportek Vaportonic

The innovative Vaportronic wall cabinet dispenses a natural deodorizing dry vapour through the use of unique, replaceable element technology. Versatile, convenient and economical, the battery operated Vaportronic features programmable pulsing fan operation and capacity for up to five elements to provide customized deodorizing output (battery included).

Quiet and simple to use, a blinking green light confirms unit operation.

The biodegradable fiber elements contain no harmful distillates, inert ingredients or ozone-depleting chemicals.

The unit is designed so that the fan operation is set at the factory for one minute "on", one minute "off", with "off" cycles adjustable to 30 minutes.

By inserting up to five aroma elements, the desired rate of output can be customized to meet user demands. The elements remain effective for at least 30 days.

Fragrance elements are impregnated with a unique blend of non-toxic, natural oils and are available in several aroma varieties. Replaces messy metered sprayers and gels.

By adjusting the programmable control and inserting up to five elements, the Vaportronic system is capable of effectively treating areas up to 40'x 40' (12m x 12m).

Suggested applications:  restrooms, hotel rooms, lobbies/reception areas, smoking areas, utility closets, long-term patient rooms, home health care, veterinarian offices, physician offices and all areas where unwanted odours are present.


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